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How will our conversation be?

1. Analysis

One of our senior consultants will analyse your current situation with you to identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

2. Goal

Together we identify the optimal target situation and draw up a plan on how to achieve it.

3. Tips & Tricks

We will show you tips & tricks to immediately save effort in project management. At your request, we will record the conversation so that you can watch it again.

Who is developing Allocatus?

Holert is the company behind Allocatus. It is a grown company with more than 25 employees and over 20 years of experience in this environment, and Allocatus has been around almost as long.

We have a lot of experience and have passed many audits from enterprise customers , where the requirements are very strict. We are subject to German and European laws. There have always been and still are providers who offer integrations between one product or another. Even Microsoft had offered and integration, which was deprecated.

The smaller providers often run out of steam and the big ones, like Microsoft, these integrations are too specific and they therefore leave them to partners like us. We have been awarded as Gold Partner by Microsoft.

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