Time tracking for Microsoft Planner in the Outlook calendar


Allocatus is intended for everyone who works with Microsoft Planner or the Tasks app from Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

With Allocatus you can record the hours worked quickly and easily

This allows you to do your work faster and - if necessary - to charge more easily



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Do you have an elaborate
and complicated time tracking?

Duplicate work in time recording

In your current time recording, you have to enter process names from the planning again.

Calculate timesheet

At the end of the day you have to laboriously calculate the totals for your timesheet.

Capture easily and quickly
your working hours

Allocatus integrates planning and time tracking into your calendar. With Allocatus you can transfer the data from your worklist with one mouse click. Track the time with a simple slide, easily identify and close tracking gaps.

Thats what our customers say

With Allocatus, employees see their scheduled times in the Outlook calendar and can record their time while working in the Outlook calendar, and the project managers receive the progress automatically.



1. Open Microsoft Planner and select a task

After opening the task list in Microsoft Planner and selecting a task, write down the name, date and time.



2. Calculate working times in Excel, record gaps & calculate them again

After the Microsoft Planner task is completed, you calculate the total in Excel and add it. At the end of the day, you calculate how long you worked by adding the totals already recorded back into Excel and subtracting breaks.

For the gaps, you record the tasks and times and calculate the totals again.



3. Recalculate in Excel at the end of the month

By the end of the month at the latest, you have to recalculate everything and close the gaps.



Specifically, you switch back and forth between your time tracking and the Teams Tasks app or the Microsoft Planner app and do a lot manually.

This is an annoying and error-prone time tracking.

Introduce yourself

1. You start work and see all the tasks in your calendar.

2. You create an appointment and assign it to a task.

3. When you're done, you adjust the working time. Your time tracking is done.

You're not at the computer? Then you simply pull the smartphone out of your pocket and adjust the working time there.

You will no longer receive any questions about time recording and you will have the evening and the end of the month free.




Easy time tracking with Allocatus in 2 steps

Allocatus is an add-in for Microsoft 365. You can activate it simply with a mouse click. You will then see your tasks in Outlook, here from Microsoft Planner, but also from other programs such as Jira, Microsoft Project, Project for the web and DevOps.


1. Record Working Time

You create an appointment in Outlook, select the associated task and link it to the Planner Task by clicking on "Book time".


2. Adjust Working Hours

Then you adjust the duration or duplicate the appointment. Allocatus automatically calculates the total, so you can easily record your working hours.



Evaluate working time as a time sheet

You can read the sum of the work directly in your planner task or evaluate it with Power BI. If desired, the times can also be automatically transferred to the software for creating invoices or the project management software.


A Strong Team

Especially in larger companies, several people often have to be brought on board, including from IT. We support you here and answer all questions. In addition, every company has a different mix of software, e.g. invoicing in SAP, Dynamics, Lexoffice, Stripe, etc.

We have more than twenty years of experience in this environment and will accompany you until everything works 100%.

Sometimes processes have to be sharpened and employees who are not so familiar with IT need to be supported. We know the best practices from this environment and know how to involve everyone so that the best solution is created for you.

Because only your success is our success.



How long does it take to implement the software?

If your company uses Microsoft 365 with the default settings, then you can record your working hours immediately within a few minutes.

If there are special settings, it may be necessary for an IT person to give their consent, which is ultimately just a mouse click, but it can be tied to a review process.

Who Develops Allocatus?

Holert is the company behind Allocatus. It is a grown company with more than 25 employees and over 20 years of experience in this field and Allocatus has been around for almost as long.

We have a lot of experience and passed many audits in the major customer environment, where the requirements are particularly strict. We are subject to German and European laws. There have always been and still are providers who offer integrations between one or the other product. Even Microsoft already had one or the other integration in this environment on offer, which then ultimately disappeared again.

The smaller providers often run out of steam and for large companies like Microsoft, this integration is too small and they therefore leave it to partners like us. We are even certified as a Gold Partner by Microsoft.

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