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Project Management with Microsoft Teams

With Allocatus, your entire project team has access to the desired project content and project communication within teams.

Allocatus automatically creates a project room with the content and permissions you have defined.

Contents include the schedule from Microsoft Project, open items from Planner and personally assigned tasks from Microsoft Project.

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Does that sound familiar to you?

Uncontrolled growth in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams spaces are popping up everywhere. Some are for projects and many are designed differently.

Information and communication related to projects are in many places and it is difficult to find everything related to a project.

No central location for all team members


Many projects lack uniform locations for, among other things, the project order, risks, problems, change requests and knowledge management.

Many team members cannot easily access the Microsoft Project schedule.

Too many tools that are too complex


It's difficult to get visibility into project status across all the different tools.

Microsoft Planner is used in a variety of places, but it's difficult to create reports across multiple projects.

Faster is better

Reach project information faster


Less time searching for project information and the associated communication on individual tasks.

Everyone on the team is on the same page


All information is clearly displayed within teams on individual tabs.

Execute projects faster


Project information can be recorded and evaluated more easily, so you can identify deviations more quickly and take countermeasures more quickly.

A central place for all project information and communication

A solution that integrates existing tools, eliminating the need for additional training and leveraging existing investments in Microsoft 365.


Project assignment in Microsoft Teams

Show the entire team on one tab in Microsoft Teams what the project order is, including which challenges are to be solved primarily and what the desired benefit is. In this way, the project team stays focused and is successful faster.

01 Charter


Project risks in Microsoft Teams

Create visibility for risk management in Microsoft Teams. The earlier you identify risks, the sooner you can do something about them.

02 Risks


Case-related communication in Microsoft Teams

Structure the communication in your project. The more communication that takes place in Microsoft Teams, the better you can share it with the team, and if you relate it to issues, everything stays clear.

03 Pft Chat to Task


Case details and communication in Microsoft Teams

If you select the issue, you will also see the associated communication in Microsoft Teams. Both with Microsoft Project for the web and Microsoft Project.

03 Pftw Chat to Task

Work with the programs you are familiar with

This can be done without any complex implementation, without major investments and without significant learning effort with the tools that your team already uses.

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MS Project Gantt Chart in Teams

For projects planned with Microsoft Project, Allocatus allows all team members to see the tasks in the schedule in Microsoft Teams.

More about the viewer

04 Viewer Chat to Task


Open points list in Microsoft Teams

You can track open points, for example, in list form in Microsoft Planner. Depending on the configuration, Allocatus creates a planner plan for the respective project and can also fill the plan with predefined open points based on templates.

05 Issue Liste


Project reports in Microsoft Teams

On the Reports tab, you can display the evaluations filtered for the project, e.g. from Power BI. So you don't have to filter the reports first, you have immediate access to everything.


05 Status Report


Change and knowledge management in Microsoft Teams

Change requests and lessons learned can be recorded on additional tabs. In this way you ensure, among other things, that the knowledge gained is recorded in writing and that your organization can benefit from it in future projects.

06 Lesson Learned

Work with the programs you are familiar with

This can be done without complex implementation, without large investments and without significant learning effort with the tools that your team already uses.

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Own tasks from Microsoft Project in Teams

With the Allocatus Task Sync, every employee can find the tasks assigned to them from Microsoft Project in the Teams Tasks app (Tasks by Planner and To Do). There he can also tick off completed processes and thus report the progress back to the project manager.

07 Tasks by Planner & To Do


Own processes within Microsoft To Do

With the Allocatus Sync, your own processes can also be seen and edited in the Microsoft To Do app outside of Microsoft teams. This also applies to the To Do App for Android and iPhone.

08 Microsoft To Do


Project time tracking in Microsoft Teams

If you want to record the effort for each task in Microsoft Project or Project for the web, then all employees can also record their project times in Microsoft Teams in a calendar view. Optionally, the planned times can also be displayed in the calendar, including the Outlook calendar.

More about the Outlook add-in

09 Zeiterfassung in Teams Kalender




Mobile project time tracking in Microsoft Teams

Time recording also works with mobile devices, e.g. via iPhone or Android.

10 Zeiterfassung in Teams Kalender Mobile

The teams integration in detail

Appointments and tasks are always up to date worldwide

The Calendar Management System based on Microsoft Project and Allocatus is a huge step forward for us.

Reinhard Denk, Senior Business Consultant, adidas AG



Allocatus is very intuitive to use

Allocatus allows our project staff to easily record their planned absences in the Outlook calendar. In this way, the project managers can identify possible resource bottlenecks early on, both in the MS Project plans and in the corresponding reports.
Allocatus requires little user training.

Ralf Czymmek,  Senior PPM Expert, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG



Because it is important that everyone in the project team is up to date at all times.

The integration of Allocatus has enormously improved and facilitated the organization of appointments. Allocatus saves us time in manually maintaining project dates.
Employees can even see their appointments on their mobile phones.

Karan Taneja, Project Manager, DBConcepts GmbH



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